An Overlook On The Barber’s Background

The barber is frequently visited but most do not know the way the profession started.  They once were a few different things in the past, but eventually the professions were divided and barbers now just cut hair.  Barbers are one of the oldest professions which are still around today, but many parts of their business today have only been around recently. 

300 BC is about the first time that proof appeared of barbershops in Rome.  Before this time many people used to either cut their own hair or help other people cut theirs.  Hair was among the first things that people started focusing on when they stopped having to worry about having a meal.  For many reasons these shops became popular; for one, they became a central area to spread gossip.  During those times barbers not only cut hair, but acted as a doctor and a dentist also.

Barbers in the 1500s were assisted by the government in cementing their place in everyone’s lifestyle.  England wound up passing a tax that charged people who grew their beards out.  Everyone was more inclined to cut their hair at that point, since the tax was more expensive than the haircuts themselves.  Since people were so used to getting their hair cut, barbers ended up sticking around and being popular up to today.  England was not the only European country to incorporate the law, making the law extensively accepted.

It was not until prior to the 1800s that the surgeon, dentist and barber professions separated.  It was largely in small cities that people continued visiting to hang out at these places, but sometimes in big cities also, based on location.  A barber shop typically is only missing the extra features and salon equipment that is found in salons.  Women became intrigued given that barbers were much cheaper and often provided services a lot better than their salon counterparts.  Barbers are still focused on quality, but charge less and frequently become more popular due to cost.

The middle of the 1800s designated the time that modern barber chairs were introduced.  These devices were very similar to chairs today, and included common functions such as a footrest, easily cleanable upholstery and a higher elevation compared to an ordinary chair.  Right before 1900 the hydraulic barber chair was introduced, including the most important features that modern chairs have today.  At this stage the barber chair was near the exact same as it is today, with obvious differences in styling and materials used at the time.

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