Stock Up In The Right Kinds Of Products And Equipment For Your Salon

You’re new salon is slated to open, and you’ve found a place to hang your shingle, but now you’ve got to begin buying the supplies and equipment you’ll need to keep the customers coming back. No doubt, you’ve got a million details on your mind right now, and one of them is what’s the best way to purchase salon equipment.

You’ll find any number of outlets that offer endless equipment choices, so it’s good to decide first what you without a doubt need. The variety of treatments, styling or services you provide will indicate what you most need to buy first.

Purchase some of the staple items that no salon can do business without, as well. If you intend to offer waxing, you obviously need to keep stocked up on depilatory wax and cloths that can be used to remove wax.

You’ve got to acquire heating units to melt wax as well as application spatulas for all waxing technicians.

Among the more oft-used products you’ll stock will be skin-repairing lotions and a good moisturizing product to help soothe skin after waxing. Make sure to order enough towels and sheets if you plan to offer massages, and purchase a reasonable number of massage tables as part of the salon equipment you order, too.

If your salon will offer facials, you’ll need to stock up on cotton swabs, mixing bowls and bottles which you’ll use to mix various cleansing ingredients. Equip your work stations with nail files, scissors and clippers, cotton balls and nail polish remover if you’re planning on offering manicure and pedicure treatments.

In addition to barber chairs, hair salons should have a complete cache of products used to create hairstyles, such as mousse, gel, sprays and conditioners. Keep your haircutting tools germ-free with solutions that take care of all sanitary concerns when using the same tools from customer to customer.

You will also be wise to guarantee that each stylist’s station is well equipped with all necessary cutting and styling tools. You’ll need a good, cool cabinet or closet to store hair products that will guard them from any damaging excess heat.

Then, there are supplies that all salons should keep on hand, regardless of the kind of services they provide. One of the most reliable ways to attract repeat business is to present a pristine environment for customers, and stocking cleaning supplies will help you achieve that.

You’ll want to keep a supply of glass cleaner, rags, sponges, mops and brooms. You’ll also want to stock disinfectant at every station so that employees can keep surfaces around their stations free from germs and bacteria.

Don’t forsake the laundry, which will likely include the protective clothing employees wear over their own garments, and you’ll need to keep them spotless.

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